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New to our church and wondering what our sermons are like? If so, then use the links below to navigate through to some sampling of some of our sermons.


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God’s Tabernacle of Truth Church invites you to join us in our outreach ministry.

 “Hook-up with God!!”

Sunday mornings 9:30am until 10:00am

Radio station WFLT-1420 AM dial.

“There is in God; Strength Sufficient for your needs, whatever they may be”.

Howard Thurman








CD Audio Selection

1.  Lead Me ... Pastor Richard W. Mosley .....  ( Opening Song )  the First Sunday  December 3, 2006 ...  

2. The Advent of Jesus ... Pastor Richard W. Mosley .....  (Sermon)  the First Sunday  December 3, 2006 ...  

3. The Lord is Blessing Me .... Minister Janice R. Mosley ....  ( Opening Song )  Sunday  December 10, 2006... 

4. A Song of the Heart  ... Pastor Richard W. Mosley ....  (Sermon)  Sunday  December 10, 2006... 






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